Journey Thru Easter 2008
WCBC presents for your enjoyment six crucial scenes from the last week of our LORDíS earthly life. The presentation begins with a stroll through the ancient city of Jerusalem rebuilt, reenacted, and revisited right here in Diana! Visit the marketplace, the carpenter, the blacksmith, the weaver, the dreaded tax collector, individual homes, and much, much more.
Enter into the upper room and share the Last Supper with the LORD. You will almost feel His touch as He washes the Disciplesí feet. Experience the confusion and desperation the original disciples must have felt as they watched one of their own betray the LORD and lead the Roman guards straight to the Master. Stand by helplessly and hopelessly as the Light of the world is arrested, convicted, and crucified before your eyes.
Finally, experience unmatched joy as the Living LORD God crushes death and the grave. Watch through tear-stained eyes as the large stone miraculously rolls away from the grave, the angel proclaims the Risen LORD, and the Master appears majestically through the fog standing before you alive forevermore. The Eternal, Invincible, Magnificent God of Heaven and Earth! Feel the loving arms of the Father envelope you as the God of all hope and help returns from the dead to lead, protect, and provide for His beloved children. All reenacted so close and realistically that you can almost believe that you are a part of the original events.
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