Guy McGraw

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I was raised by parents who were very active members of a Baptist Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I was the fourth of four kids and, at age 7, the only one who could not call themselves a Christian and the only one who had to endure the torture of watching the juice and crackers pass me by every Lord’s Supper. I decided to change that and on a Sunday morning I went forward during the invitation and my life as a lost church member began. I was faithfully taken to church every week. By the time I attended Oklahoma State University I was a normal lost college kid who occasionally showed up at a church out of habit. I was doing almost everything that lost Baptists tend to do.



My life changed radically when my heart was suddenly touched by God. He began to invade my thoughts and emotions in ways I had never before experienced. While on a trip to Australia, I walked along amazing beaches and was challenged with the thoughts of how this creation did not just happen and that there was a God behind it all and I need to know Him. When I returned from Australia I cried out to God and told Him that I had really messed up my life and that if He had a better way I was ready to take it. Immediately a peace flooded into my life and I had a complete sense that things were going to be “OK” and that God was now in control.







I returned to Tulsa and decided to pick a church out of the phone book. I then attended Eastwood Baptist Church for the first time and would return many times until on a Sunday morning I sat three rows from the back next to a lady I did not know. For many weeks during the invitation my heart had felt like it was going to explode inside my chest. That morning it started again so I immediately stepped to the aisle and walked to the front. The young man asked why I was coming and I said, ‘I want it all, whatever it takes.’ I looked to my left and saw the woman I was sitting next to had also come forward. Her following me down the aisle was a sign of the call that God would put upon my life.







Now I have been walking with God for many years. The disciplines of my spiritual walk have been those of a passionate study of God’s Word and a love for reading many great books. I love to pray for and interact with God’s people and with those who need to know Him. I love to share from the spiritual truths I am so graciously blessed with as a result of a daily commitment to the study of God’s Word and seeking His presence. I really love the calling God has given me in this life and I love the privilege of being the Pastor of Walnut Creek Baptist Church. We are truly loved by God and called to love others. We strive to do that here at WCBC and as long as I am here we will grow in His Word and we will constantly seek His power to honor Him for many years ahead.






Youth Coordinator

Josh Lowery

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Josh and Valerie joined WCBC many years ago as a young couple not yet ready for children. They hit the ground running serving side by side as unto the Lord. The Lowerys have a heart for missions and for youth. They now have two beautiful sons and an entire youth group to disciple, mentor and love.

Children's Coordinator

Meagan Sasser

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Meagan joined WCBC with her parents as a youth. She serves beside her husband and two beautiful children today. As Children's Coordinator Meagan oversees all children's classes and activities. Her two main focuses for the children's ministry are to share Jesus and to teach children about mission work.


Allen Smith

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Allen is a Maintenance Man extraordinaire! He has served in many different capacities such as an actor and set designer in various drama productions, he served many times on the Building and Grounds Committee, and he also helps with construction projects we have periodically.




Sheri Belew

Sheri came to WCBC as a child with her parents, brother, and sister. She has served as custodian for most of her adult life. She did the weekly cleaning alone until Allen began working with her in 2016.


Rhonda Chambers

 Rhonda began attending WCBC as an infant with her parents. Wrapped in her mother’s arms, the future musician first entered these doors at one week old. She accepted adult responsibility and began ministering as pianist at the very young age of twelve. Rhonda took piano lessons after school and practiced all week for Sunday morning. The music often changed at the last moment making each week challenging. However, her love for the Lord, the music, the ministry, and her church family overcame her fears. Over the years, she has matured beautifully as a minister, a musician, a woman, and a child of God. Rhonda represents the third generation of the Harris family’s dedication to and service for the Lord and Walnut Creek Baptist Church.

Church Treasurer

Wendy Cummings

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Wendy is third generation WCBC. Her mother, Sheri, is the custodian. Her grandmother, Mrs. Lois teaches ladies Sunday School. Her brothers, aunts, and uncles are all very active in the church and in service to our Lord. A family dedicated to the Lord, discipleship, and worship.

Ministry Assistant

Becky Strange

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I am a native East Texan, Mother, and Grandmother. God blessed me with His salvation at sixteen and called me to serve Walnut Creek Baptist Church many years later. I am honored to serve as Ministry Assistant for a wonderful loving church family.

  • Children's Ministry

    Children's Wednesday night activities are scheduled to resume on January 6, 2021.

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  January 2021  
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Sunday School
9:30 AM to 10:20 AM
Bible Study and prayer time with a variety of classes available to suit every need.
Morning Worship
10:30 AM to 12:30 PM
Worshiping the risen Savior in spirit and in truth.
Committee Round-Up
12:00 PM to 2:00 PM
First meeting of the year for new committees...plan the year, elect officers, and schedule subsequent meetings. Meet after morning worship and please bring finger foods.


Men's Coffee Cup
8:30 AM
Men's Coffee Cup: Men meet on Tuesday mornings at 8:30 in the fellowship hall for hot coffee and cool conversation. Don't miss out!.


Children's Wednesday Night Meal And Classes
5:30 PM to 7:00 PM
WCBC serves dinner to the children at 5:30pm followed by mission classes at 6pm every Wednesday.
Bible Study
6:00 PM